While it’s tempting to call a plumber when something goes wrong, there’s no need to call a professional when you can do it yourself. With just a few easy actions, you can unblock a sink drain that is no longer flowing as easily as it used to. So change out of your work clothes and get ready to fix it yourself!

Standing Water

If you have standing water in the sink and have tried the garbage disposal to no avail, then it’s time to try a different method. There may be items stuck in the sink or lodged in the pipes connected to the disposal. Before tearing your sink apart, try using a plunger in the sink which can pull out any items that are stuck in the pipes. This often will do the trick the first time!

Examine the P Trap.

The very first line of defense for unclogging a stopped-up drain is to inspect the p trap, which is the elbow shaped pipeline under the sink. Make sure to put a pail under the pipeline prior to loosening it. Unscrew the ports protecting the pipeline to the sink drain and the wall, and look for blockages. If the p trap isn’t obstructed, there’s most likely muck inside the drain. Be prepared!

Loosen the Pivot Nut.

Prior to unblocking the drain, you require to take out the stopper. To do that, search in the cabinet under the sink for something that appears like a big nut. Loosen the pivot nut linked to the drain pipeline the important things in the picture that is linked to the metal strip with holes and pull the rod out of the pop-up assembly take care not to lose any parts.

Get rid of the Stopper.

When you have actually loosened the pivot nut, you must have the ability to raise the stopper out of the drain. It will probably be rather disgusting in appearance. When you end up dry heaving, it’s time to utilize a “hand snake” to clear out the within the pipeline. 

The Hand Snake.

A “hand snake”, is a helpful little product you can get at any hardware shop. To use, you press it into the drain while cranking the deal with. The cranking triggers the snake to spin around in your pipeline, getting onto blockages or scraping gunk out of the pipeline.

The Gunk.

After utilizing the snake, you will have found the offender accountable for the blockage issue. Offer it a couple of more hits with the “snake” and the pipeline will be tidy, the odor will be gone, and the drain issue something of the past.

Tidy the Stopper.

The last action is to tidy and re-install the stopper. That indicates returning under the sink and re-connecting the metal strip with holes with the pivot nut. Ensure the drain stop is working once again. 

With these helpful tips to unblock your sink drain, you can save time and money by fixing it yourself.