Growing up, many of us had pets growing up and we know that having a family pet can be an excellent support system when other parts of life aren’t going so wonderfully. One point of our experiences may not have been apparent is that owning an animal can be tough. You have to feed and bathe them, take them to the veterinarian – all things that cost you money and time. How easy your life is with your family pet is, mainly depends upon where you live.

Whether on purpose or by mishap, each city on this list has actually taken a major stand on pets. This isn’t to claim that family pets are left out or completely accepted in these cities. The variables used to consider each city are how easy it is to find housing with a pet, which places pets allowed as well as any limitations placed on pet ownership.

Detroit, MI 

Unemployment became rampant in cities like Detroit, leading numerous impoverished people to relocate far from the city. Since then, Detroit’s populace has been steadily decreasing, causing an excess in housing available. Due to the fact that renters are a premium in the city, proprietors can not manage to discriminate against people with pets. This has actually produced an extremely pet friendly attitude in Detroit. Some businesses have made their stores welcome to pets to capitalize on this situation.

Seattle, WA

The local government has their mistakes yet it seems like they have a real gratitude for things that people require, not only to survive, but also to improve their lives. One of the best examples of this is just how accommodating the city is to people with pets. It is extremely tough to find housing in Seattle but special laws and programs have made it so that having a family pet does not make the task of finding a house more difficult.

Portland, OR

The city has placed some laws in position that make it very hard for proprietors to refuse you merely for having a family pet. It seems like there is a dog park on every block in Portland as well as there are additionally these points called “feline cafes”. Basically, they are restaurants that have a separate area where you can enjoy the company of cats!

Pittsburgh, PA

Regardless of being one of the biggest cities in the Ohio River Valley, Pittsburgh gives off a village feeling that differs anything in any other major city. One component of this small-town environment is the city’s acceptance of pets. It isn’t hard to locate a pet friendly house in Pittsburgh as well as there are a number of dining establishments throughout the city that allow you to bring your pets.

Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs is relatively near to Denver, the greatest city in Colorado, however it is distinct in that it has not yet embraced a major city feel. Colorado Springs is commonly ranked as one of the best cities to reside in the United States and its family pet friendliness is a huge part of this appeal.

Boston, MA

Practically every area in Boston has its own canine park and there are many parts of the city where pets are allowed to enter restaurants and stores. If this isn’t enough, the regulations of the city are very pet friendly.

Austin, TX

Austin is very pet friendly which goes along with an extremely young populace and a great city culture. Austin has a significant animal framework and actually flaunts one of the largest dog parks in the country.